Breaking down barriers

Mental health is something that is not frequently talked about, particularly mental illness. It is almost taboo in Australian society and, I suspect, the majority of societies around the world. There has been stigma around mental illness and it has often been misunderstood. However, this has changed in recent years as people have become more willing to open up and have conversations. This is a strong sign that progress is being made.

As I have stated in a previous post, I struggled with depression and anxiety and this was crippling for me. I felt isolated and demotivated and living each day was tough. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder was difficult and humbling. Looking back I felt that other people didn’t understand what I was going through and that I was alone. Of course, this was a lie. I reached out and sought help and my life slowly but surely improved. I was given the tools to manage my condition and live a good life.

I think that people with good mental health need to try and be more empathetic and understanding of those who suffer from mental illness. If you know someone who has depression, don’t tell them they’re feeling sad and get over it. Self-education is key and there is plenty of information available which would benefit everybody. We must care for each other and show love and support to those closest to us.

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