Making a difference

Health is a holistic concept, and true health encompasses mind, body and soul (or spirit). Therefore good mental health must also be accompanied by physical health and fitness and spiritual wellness. My focus has been on mental health thus far, however I will focus more on the other aspects of health in future posts.

I hope that my previous blogs have been a source of encouragement to those who have experienced, or are experiencing, mental health issues. I am particularly passionate about helping youth and their struggles during the adolescent years leading into young adulthood. Headspace ( is a great organisation in Australia dedicated to promoting the well-being of Australians aged 12-25. This includes early intervention mental health services among other services.

I wish to get in touch with someone from Headspace and inquire about volunteering opportunities within their organisation. The main reason for this is that I wish to study a Diploma of Youth Work, most likely in Semester 1 next year. Volunteering at Headspace would be enormously beneficial as it is hands on experience in helping and communicating with young people. Sadly, suicide is the leading cause of death in young people, accounting for one-third of all deaths. This is closely linked with mental health issues within the youth. Headspace exists to reduce the incidence of, and ultimately prevent, youth suicide. I believe this is an organisation we could all get behind and support their mission and vision.

I have learned that living beyond myself is vital to having a successful and productive life. My life is not all about me. I can use my personal struggles to help others going through similar issues. Making a difference in whatever sphere of life you find yourself is hugely rewarding and satisfying. That is the kind of purpose that we all need to be striving for.

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