Modifying diet

Both my wife and I have been on a weight loss journey for the past several months. Since we started, Karthi has lost over 21 kilos and I’ve shed over 15 kilos. This is very encouraging as we look back on where we started and realise how much progress we’ve made. We are both following the classical plan of weight loss: a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. There are certainly no short cuts towards achieving long term results and increased fitness.

My personal trainer advised me that on any weight loss journey, diet contributes 70% and exercise contributes only 30%. This is significant because we tend to intuitively believe that exercise contributes as much to weight loss as diet, if not more. Karthi started the ketogenic diet, which is basically a low carb high fat diet, after being inspired by a “YouTuber” who lost 22 kg on this diet. More information on the diet and ketosis can be found here: At a certain point in time ketosis starts, where the body produces ketones and it can produce energy entirely from the fat and in the process burn fat. Karthi’s goal is to reach 50 kg and she is well on the way to achieving that.

On the advice of my personal trainer at the gym, I started a diet where I was able to eat more carbs in the morning and as time passed in the day eat less carbs and more protein. It was a struggle at the start as I had to give up rice for dinner and I didn’t really get going with the diet and seriously follow it until we got back from our trip to Sydney last October. I modified my diet accordingly in line with my PT’s advice. My goal was to go from 96 kg to 85 kg. I must admit that I didn’t always follow my diet but losing the first 5 kg was relatively easy. Losing the next 6 kg were much harder and my weight was up and down (as is typical when one tries to lose weight). Karthi walks regularly for at least an hour each time and she can feel the difference in her fitness.

I was working hard at the gym but I wasn’t losing weight as quickly as I wanted because I lacked discipline at times. However I persevered and reached 85 kg. After discussing with my PT, I adjusted my goal to 80 kg. I was attempting to incorporate more servings of fruits and vegetables into my diet and at the same time drastically cut down on junk such as chocolate and high fat foods such as burgers and chips. Cutting down on chocolate was harder than anything else but I had to do it and take my weight loss seriously. I’m happy to say that I’m now 80.6 kg and endeavouring to lose that last 0.6 kg to reach my goal weight.

Neither of our diets are easy to follow but we both persisted and are getting the results we want. We’ve both deviated from them from time to time but we realised that we needed persistence and discipline to get back on track and reach our goal weights. On the next blog I will focus on exercise and the part it plays in health and fitness.

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