I have recently started journalling where I write down ten things I am grateful for each day. I believe this is important to me as it conditions my mind towards positivity and as a result I am less likely to get angry and fearful of what might happen in the future; these have been my biggest struggles. It really does work! I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to improve the way they think.

I have so many things to be grateful for, big and small. I wrote down simple things as having enough food to eat and sleeping in a warm bed at night to things like being married to a loving and caring wife. I’m fortunate to live in Australia as we have freedom of speech and religion and statistics show we are among the top 5% of wealthiest countries in the world, among countries such as the US, UK and Germany. When I look at it from that perspective, I realise how blessed I am.

It’s easy to lose perspective of things like that when you have pressures, stresses and responsibilities in your life but that is the power of having an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for what you do have and the positive things in your life rather than focusing on what you DON’T have. The last thing you want is to compare yourself to others and become envious of what they have that you don’t. Instead, say to yourself “My life might not be perfect but there are so many good things that I am thankful for”. It’s extremely worthwhile getting into the habit of regular journalling like I have done. It doesn’t take long – no more than 5 minutes a day – so no excuses. Start journalling!

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